Monday, August 20, 2012

Swords & Wizardry Monster List

With the imminent re-printing of Swords & Wizardry I find myself preparing for possible S&W campaigns yet to manifest.  Part of that was compiling a full list of every monster in the soon to be re-printed Monster Book as well as Frog God Games' Tome of Horrors Complete.  These two books serve as a HUGE resource for any type of monster you'd want in a S&W game.

I couldn't quite wait for the Kickstarter to end so I bought the less-art-filled PDF off of Matt Finch's Lulu storefront.  Serves as a good preview for what's coming soon.

I've pulled each monster entry into an excel formatted spreadsheet.  One page for the Monster Book, one page for ToH, and a final page with all the monsters included.  They are listed with their S&W Challenge Levels and which book the monster is from.  Is a great way to find a fun monster to use if you have a particular challenge level in mind.

Monsters with varying Hit Dice have separate entries for each level of difficulty.

All in all, over 1500 encounters between these two books.

Check it out!

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