Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hex Grids

Hey readers, I'll be visiting family over the holidays but finally was able to find myself a useful hex grid creation tool. 

Previously my attempts at getting a blank hex grid ended in failure but the DrawHexGrid tool seems to work pretty well.

If you're skeptical about it, see the picture below.  You should be able click the picture (it will enlarge, depending on the browser you use) and then right-click and save it.  Once saved it should be in the resolution I created it at.  25 x 19 sized, giving a decent sized map for creating a region.

When printed in landscape mode from the 'paint' tool in windows, you get a decent sized map with a margin on the right for keying locations in or whatever other notes you want to make.

Cheers, happy holidays and happy new years!

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