Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Project: Slumbering Tsar Saga S&W Conversion! Part 1 Complete!

So I've decided to start a little side-project for myself.  I'm working on converting the epic adventure written by Greg Vaughan, The Slumber Tsar Saga, in the Swords & Wizardry ruleset!  Once upon a time I had great fun running this adventure for friends, in the Pathfinder rules.  It was a great time, until a player quit the group and we had to go on hiatus.  Someday I'd like to revisit that campaign, since it was so awesome, but in the mean time I figured it'd be fun to let other S&W fans enjoy the awesomeness that is this adventure.

There are about 14 parts to Slumbering Tsar Saga, though they were eventually compiled into a large hardback.  I've decided the best way to approach my conversion project is to do each of the 14 parts in turn.  This will help me focus on getting certain parts done.  When I GM'd the adventure, we only got as far as finishing the Desolation encounters.  The player's were nearing the time to enter the city of Tsar itself.  Those parts may be harder for me to convert, having never run them even in PF.  We will see how the project turns out.

If you haven't bothered to check out Slumbering Tsar, I demand that you do!  The best part is, the very first part is available for free on Frog God Games' website HERE.  So go check out that PDF, download, give a look over, and then head over to my dropbox link where my MS Word file is! The formatting will look off until you download it and open it in Word.  More details and instructions will be contained within.


EDIT: A year later and I have updated the link to the free first part of Slumbering Tsar.


  1. The Dropbox link above does not appear to be a valid link any more. Any updated links available?

  2. Sorry I might have to re-host it. That said, there is something forthcoming that will likely supercede this document in spades. I don't mean to tease, but I can't really talk about it yet.

  3. ARE a tease! ;)

    Guess I'll just have to be patient.

  4.'s been a year since your last post here. Any information on 'the tease' you mentioned?