Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back? Maybe.

Hello readers.  If there are any of you out there.  I know my last blog post got some traffic due to my Slumbering Tsar conversion project.  And YES, it's been a year since I last posted.  I hate being one of those folks that writes plenty for a month or two and then dies off, but alas I am/was.

So what have I been up to?  Well I found a wonderful lady to be my girlfriend, moved to a new place, dealt with some career stuff (good stuff), and tried to keep a regular RPG group going (to little success).

The Slumbering Tsar project ground to a halt.  However I've been noticing some interest on the Google+ communities and the FGG forums for the conversion.  I may try to give it another go, complete what I started.  I had a hard drive corruption awhile back and lost a lot of my notes and work from before.  I still fortunately had part 1 saved to google docs.  We will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Gaming wise, I ran a group for awhile.  We did Swords & Wizardry for bit, ran +Matt Finch's Grimmsgate for a bit, but due to player attendance problems things sort of fell apart.  I was able to run a great session of White Plume Mountain and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  May need to make separate post about that day.

And even more recently I had revived my group to play +Kevin Crawford's awesome Stars Without Number game using his Hydra Sector as the setting.  We played two sessions, and my move caused the gaming to halt and now I'm in a gridlock.  I am pretty burned out on DMing.  Even though I haven't actually done much of it over the past year, I miss being a player.  I've been the DM for so long I have forgotten what it is like to play.  Whenever I really want to play RPGs, it's always up to me to get the group together.  I have discussed with a consistent player of mine the possibility of him DMing a game, and I offered to trade off DM duties from week to week.  He is still thinking about it.  Lately I've been very interested in playing or running Adventurer Conqueror King and I have the books for it.  I imagine my friend would run Swords & Wizardry though, unless convinced otherwise.  In order to prepare for those games I may be spending some time creating a new sandbox compatible with ACKS's systems.  Would need to balance that against the Slumbering Tsar conversion.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Here's to hoping I get off my ass and starting working on stuff again.  Would be good to see the Frog God Games folks at PaizoCon and let them know I got a reason for more people to buy Slumbering Tsar.


  1.'s been a year since your last post here. Any information on 'the tease' you mentioned?

    1. Hey Randy. There are things I wish I COULD say. But i am obligated not to. Sorry.

      That said, what I can do is point to the public knowledge FACTS out there and let you draw your own conclusions.

      1. If you were to look at the product list in the beginning of any recently released Frog God Games book (Northlands Saga would be a good one to check) you will see Slumbering Tsar has more than one ruleset tag next to it.

      2. In this form thread on the FGG website, Greg Vaughan alludes to the S&W version of Slumbering Tsar is being worked on:

      3. In the S&W version of the recently released Adventures in the Borderland Provinces book by FGG, I am given a credit for S&W conversions.

      So I would just recommend one feel 'optimistic'. FGG has a pretty full project list it is working through, but you just never know what is coming around the corner.